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Lionel Model Trains O-Gauge explained
Lionel O-Gauge track systems- which include O, O-27, and FasTrack® - all measure 1-¼” between the outer rails. Any O-Gauge car or locomotive can ride on Lionel O-Gauge track, as long as the curve track used on your layout can accommodate your particular cars. Lionel O-Gauge sets are electric sets that are approximately 1:48 scale and are what most people envision when the think about Lionel. O-Gauge is divided into two categories: Traditional O-Gauge and O Scale.
O-Gauge is divided into two categories: Traditional O-Gauge and O Scale.

Traditional O-Gauge
  • Based on classic Lionel designs
  • Approximate scale proportions
  • Easy to control lights, sounds, and smoke
  • Very accessible products to customers
  • Lionel’s popular Ready-to-Run sets are Traditional O-Gauge, and contain everything a customer needs to run their train in minutes – train set, oval of track, and, transformer.
  • Lionel launched a new remote system for engines in 2012 under the LionChief™ umbrella. These are new sets with enhanced sound, long distance controls, AC/DC Compatible and are easy to set-up and operate
  • To allow customers to continue to add product, Lionel sells specialty track products, rolling stock, and a wide range of operating and non-operating accessories

O Scale

  • Higher-end products
  • Contain more details with many separately applied parts
  • Engines have sophisticated electronics such as the Lionel LEGACY™ Control System and Lionel RailSounds®
  • Larger than Traditional O-gauge products since they are more true to 1:48 scale proportions
  • Geared towards collectors and sophisticated hobbyists