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Lackawanna Freight set

Lackawanna Freight set

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This model of the Fairbanks-Morse contains a wealth of detail. Notice the illumination of the head end-headlight, mars light beneath headlight, the markers and classification lights. On the forward part ofn the superstruction are the vertical gritts for ithe intake fans. Back, near the cab, is the grill for the exhaust fan. Hand rails extend all around the locomotive.

Real railroad fans will be delighted with the construction of the under-carriage of the big loco. Look at the air hose connections on each side of the front coupler, and the big, six-wheel trucks with their delicatelty molded spring and hand brake connections. Under the centre car are the oil tank and compressed air tanks for brakes. Only Lionel makes them like this.

Locomotive Features:                                                                                                                            * Twin Pullmor motors                                                                                                          * Electronic horn and bell with volume control                                                                    * Magne-Traction                                                                                                                  * Equipped with die-cast trucks with operating couplers                                                      * Die-cast metal pilots and fuel tank                                                                                    * Electroonic e-unit with Direction Lock                                                                                * Dual headlights on both sides                                                                                            * Illuminated markers and number boards                                                                            * Traction Tires                                                                                                                      * Air hose connections on each side of front coupler                                                          * Big, six-wheel trucks and molded springs and hand brakes connections                          * Oil tank and compressed air tanks for brakes under the centre car

Rolling Stock Features:                                                                                                                          * Bar-end style metal trucks with operating couplers                                                          * Gondola alsp comes with six wooden barrels                                                                    * Hopper has a removable coal load                                                                                    * Caboose features interior illumination

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